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      About us

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      About us

      Kunshan Topgel Industry Co.,Ltd is one of the most professional manufacturers specialized in making top quality gel packs,which included cold and hot packs, instant ice packs, heat packs, hand warmers, gel masks, ice boxes, bottle coolers and other related products. Top Gel is Our Promise, High Quality and Best Service is Our Mission in this field.

      We are located in Kunshan, Suzhou City ,which is nearest to Shanghai ,and in convenient traffic and lower cost. It is about half an hour to Pudong airport, one hour to Hongqiao airport.We can produce 25,000 gel packs daily and utilizes advanced equipment such as water processing systems ,frequency machines, vacuuming machines, sealing machines, mixing machines, packaging machines, pressure testing machines.Now we export our certified products all around the world ,especially to our clients in the US, Canada, Brazil,Japan,South Asia and Europe.

      We are continuously dedicated to providing reliable solutions and products for our clients,and also OEM or ODM orders are warmly welcome. Choose Us, Choose a Lifelong Partner.

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