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      Heat or Cold Where You Need Most

      24 MAR 2014

      When discomfort and soreness strike from injury, strenuous activity, surgery, or any chronic or acute condition, you want relief.
      And naturally, you want it fast. You want the freedom to get back into life and the activities you love most. Without stiffness or pain.
      To get that relief, if you’re like many others, you reach for something cold or hot.
      Cold and heat bring comforting relief, can soothe achy joints, and reduces swelling.
      As you’ll soon see, whether you choose heat or cold can make a big difference in how you feel and how quickly your injury or condition begins its healing process.
      Cold and heat accomplish the same end result, but how they do it is what makes the difference. Plus, the type of heat or cold you choose can matter, too.
      Once you understand the simple workings behind these two basic treatments, you’ll know exactly how to maximize your body's innate healing mechanisms.
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