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      Insulin cool bag

      Instant ice pack

      1, product introduction

      This product is mainly composed by insulation cloth and ice bag, it is used for refrigeration insulin, it is available for patients with diabetes to carry out work, travel and outdoor leisure, sports. this article convenient operation, can repeat repeated use, the cold storage time can reach 7 hours or so, diabetes ideal close-fitting supplies.


      2, applicable scope

      It is applicable to patients with diabetes patients with the anti-condensation insulin injections.


      3, the method of use

      1) take out Insulin for cold bag inside the anti-condensation agent,To place freezer freezing room refrigeration 1 ~ 2 hours per set aside.
      2) Extract add insulin for cold bag bag when it be used, Every time the anti-condensation cooling 1 ~ 2 hours,Can be repeated freezing use.
      3) The anti-condensation agent can be stored in the refrigerator at ordinary times darkened room temperature or in freezer preservation,it never metamorphic.


      4, matters needing attention

      If the anti-condensation agent darkened the plastic packing damaged, Please cut up; Also can supply another few the anti-condensation agent darkened,For many times exchange the anti-condensation use.

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