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      Instant cold pack

      Instant ice pack
      This instant cold pack can release cold within 5 seconds when it is actived, it helps to reduce body temperature, relieve pain, swelling and so on.It is convenient for sports injuries.
      Instant ice pack
      Find the liquid bag in the ice bag and make it broken and 3 seconds later it will be freezed.Then shake the bag up and sown to make the content fully mixed, and the temperature will be depressed below zero by the ice bag in 2 minutes.
      To control and alleviate the gore and pain caused by strain,bruise,pull and burn ,also can rapidly remove the pain and discomfort induced by fever,headache,toothache,mosquito bite.
      Freeze and keep fresh vegetable, fruit, beer, beverage and food and so on when on cold source available.
      The ice bag can only be used for external medication. If eye od skin should contact the content, it must be washed by clean water thoroughly. If one eats the content by mistake, he must drink enough water, try his best to vomit it and turn to doctor when necessary.
      In order to avoid a too low temperature ,it should be better to enwrap the ice bag with a towel or cotton cloth to begin with. Those who have something wrong with their circulation should refer to doctor in advance.
      This product can refrigerate instantly without cold soure and be easily used because of portability.
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